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How can I read .pla files on my Android tablet

The following steps are required:
a) Create your tableau (.pla files) as usual on your PC.
b) Transfer the files (including images) to the SD card of your tablet.
c) Install the Plaphoons for Android app from Google Play
    (or from GitHub:
d) Install OI Filemanager from:
e) Start Plaphoons for Android and press the menu button and select settings
f) In the settings make sure the "Use sample" is NOT checked
g) Click on "Choose file"
h) Browse to the .pla file that should be used as the first screen and select the file.
i) Click "Ok" in OI Filemanager
j) Click "Ok" again (This is a bug and should be removed in the next version)
h) Finally, leave the settings, go back to the main Plaphoons screen that now will show the selected .pla file.

    How to synchronize best between PC and Android tablet?

    You can just copy the images and .pla files when the tablet is connected to the PC via USB cable.

    You can also use a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive or SugarSync.
    SugarSync is currently the only one that allows easy synchronization of a whole plaphoons folder. Get more information about SugarSync (referal link).

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